Church will be ONLINE ONLY - Sunday, April 5


The current COVID-19 crisis has created significant health, financial, and security challenges for our neighbors in Harlem and around our city. While we're all working to "Stop the Spread," we also want to find meaningful ways that "We Spread Love."

On Sunday, March 22, we announced our We Spread Love campaign to benefit our neighbors in need.
Let us know if you're in need. Perhaps you are an hourly worker, or in between jobs, needs things delivered, or need to talk to a pastor or mental health professional. You may also  want prayer.

Whatever your need, now or in the coming weeks, we want to know and do our best to support you. Use the button above to request help/prayer.

Note: You must either live in Harlem OR attend Renaissance to receive funds. Someone does not need to go to our church to receive funds *if* they live in Harlem. Also, someone does not need to live in Harlem if they attend our church.
Every dollar collected between March 22-29 will be given away to people and businesses negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This includes people who complete our "Request Help" form, as well as survivors of sex-trafficking who are connected to Restore.

Our goal is to raise and give away at least $50,000.