One In-Person Service at 10AM - Sunday, Aug 22

Serve on a CREW

Share your time and talent with our community.

What is CREW?

CREW is what we call our volunteer teams at Renaissance Church. Every Sunday, we have eight CREWs serving to help make our Sunday Services happen. Not only is serving with a CREW a great way to connect with people in our community, it's also another way to live a life of worship to God. Our motivation to serve others with our time and talents flows out of a deep appreciation for how we're served by Jesus.



Every Sunday morning, this team transforms the rental venue where we meet into spaces for worship and Renaissance Kids.


This team creates an inviting atmosphere for people to gather and worship -- from greeting people at the door to answering questions.


This team manages all audio/visual aspects of our worship services -- running the sound board, setting up tv screens, controlling slides and lighting, and managing our live stream of services.



This team leads small groups (ranging from babies to grade 5) with engaging activities, so our kids learn who God is and how they can grow their relationship with Him.


This team takes great joy in praying for our church and anyone in our community who requests prayer after service. 


This team leads our congregation in worship through song, music, and other artistic mediums. Auditions required.


This team contributes to planning and executing large-scale events on special Sundays, as well as events that support different ministries throughout the year. 
This team helps our church steward our resources well, by counting the weekly offering and attendance.


After service, this team restores the space we meet in, so it's ready to go for the coming week.

Ready to get involved?

Fill out a CREW interest form, and we'll follow up with more details.